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Your beautiful partner 2 (men)

Posted on: May 31st, 2012 by A Team 691 Comments

Men are not born Romeos from Shakespeare?

At the beginning of a relationship men play the part of Romeo extremely well by buying flowers for their partners, whining and dining in the best restaurants and speaking the language of love.

Treating their partners like princesses with immense kindness and softness which blows the women of her feet, the women thinks  after all these very long years of waiting  finally their man of her dreams has arrived.

It will seem like a flash that two years pass by and normality has crept in, from love to romance then arguing to fighting.

Both partners talk to their friends;

“Where did we go wrong”?

Where is my beloved Romeo, oh Romeo Romeo;

Here my love the man’s heart says?

I provide you with all the luxuries you want and I work so thee is happy and content and I walk in the world as your lion and defender of our house and children.

But sadly the women don’t understand their men because they judge their relationship on their past (how it was) rather than how it should be.

And they compare their relationship to their friends and family saying “but look how happy they are”

Then the volcano erupts…..

Then they break up….

If only the women new:

Men are naturally strong and have a macho side to them, which is embedded in the making of man.

Their personality breeds bravery, strongness and leadership, they thrive and love to be with their male friends to share this intuitive power with them.

To harness this intuitive power they take on sports which will bring this out of them like football, rugby and they will also be drawn to the police, army or the navy.

And a mans shield is his excellent character like honour, dignity, truthfulness, and trust.

His soft side is love, romance, softness, niceness and gentleness which mainly women bring out of him.

Rekindle the flame of love:

In the sad love story of Romeo and Juliet their parents are a “major obstacle” in their life, which prevents them of getting together and living a happy life.

Because their families are enemies towards each other it drives Romeo and Juliet to suicide.

As Juliet what “major obstacles” are in your and Romeos way?

It may be;

  1. Work
  2. Family
  3. Spend less time with each other
  4. A third person
  5. Investigate everything

When you find the problem then fix it together with love and patience.

Fulfill your Romeo wants and needs, and if your Romeo likes sports then encourage and support him so you become that part of this life too.

Keep your hearts connected at all times and in return your Romeo will move heaven and earth to keep you happy.