Life Coaching

Where are you right now?

“Life coaching removes the interference that stands between the clients and the achievement of their potential”

Life coaching means different things to different people in different circumstances. One can say it’s an ongoing relationship to help a person get positive outcomes in their professional and personal life.

It focuses on improving performance by changing behaviour patterns, thus enhancing the quality of a person’s life. And the coach will help identify where the client is in life at the present time, where they want to be, and then develop a plan of action.

A life coach is like your best friend, who will observe, listen and empower the client to change their life for the better.

As the saying goes;

“The most excellent form of struggle is the conquest of self”

As a life coach, I will encourage and support you to take control and responsibility for your life.

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You will discover your intrinsic talents, skills, as well as your limitations. I will encourage and guide you to make the right decisions and take concrete steps to help your dreams come true.

You will realise your true potential and determine what your personal strengths are and what motivates you.

You will understand who you are, why you feel and think the way you do, and why your life looks the way it does.

And you will learn a very important lesson that only you control your life and destiny, only by taking positive action.

Believe in yourself and never give up...

Relationship Coaching

Relationship Problems

Due to our very busy lifestyle with so many life demands like work, family, friends, our health and trying to keep up with this very fast changing world and at the same time maintaining the household bills and needs.

When our relationship with our partner starts to deteriorate we don’t know how to deal with it or fix the problem.

Our teachers in today’s world are the celebrities we watch on TV who we really look up to subconsciously, because they have been part of our life since childhood the like’s of Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and the list goes on.

When the celebrities experience major problems in their personal relationships, they just leave their partners and run away to find new ones leaving their beautiful children behind to suffer, instead of fixing their relationship issues they take the easy option (leaving).

We sadly do something that is very disheartening. Even the people around us act in this way.

A relationship is an ongoing process which needs to be maintained at all times.

Relationship in all forms is like a ‘car’ whereby if you have a puncture you will see a car mechanic to fix it or if any other problem arises you will naturally see a car mechanic to diagnose the problem then fix it.

In the same way if you have any relationship problems you will need to see a relationship coach to diagnose the problem and then fix it.

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Working with a relationship coach you will;

Youth Life Coaching & Training

My aim is to offer support, and improve confidence of individuals by raising their self-esteem and self-awareness, by promoting positive behaviour towards themselves and others.

My goal is to create opportunities for individuals to have a successful future and improve an individual's skills for life.

I mainly work in the public sector coaching children from the ages of 11 to 16 years old, and only do group coaching with a minimum of 30 pupils in a class.

I have designed a 1 hour program to teach in schools and youth clubs.

The children will learn from this program;

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The most beautiful part of youth life coaching is that the children will learn in a new unique way on how to make their dreams come true and the power of ambition.

And they will also learn the four simple steps on how to make their dreams into a reality, and also will see living examples of people that achieved their dreams.

It's very hard to put all the extraordinary unique benefits down on this web site, but I can say confidently that it will bring a huge positive change in children lives.

Fees and Location

Coaching is a very individual process and it will be different for each person. You might prefer one-on-one coaching (within Greater Manchester), or perhaps phone sessions, whatever suits you best.

Usually my coaching sessions last 45 minutes and they are scheduled either weekly, or when you feel you need one. At the beginning I would like you to commit to at least four sessions to achieve best results. One session's fee is £40.

Are you ready?

Then contact me to book a session, remember the first session is absolutely free!